Evadys HD


Evadys HD open a new perspective on the world of tourism.

This coach, available in 12 and 12.80 metre versions, nonetheless shares the characteristic features of all Iveco Irisbus coaches: quality of design, modern style, high levels of interior comfort, performance, fuel efficiency, and not forgetting, of course, outstanding reliability. Evadys HD: the future is bright!

Evadys HD offers a wide range of services for the comfort of the passengers on board: from the refrigerator to the toilette completely integrated, to the Lavazza coffee machine and the drinks dispenser; air conditioning systems suitable for the needs of each market and LCD monitors installed on the roof grant ideal conditions for long travels.

Evadys HD is fitted with a new generation Cursor 10 engine offering increased power and torque, and available in two power ratings, 380 HP (280 kW) and 450 HP (330 kW). These engines, which have a very favourable performance-to-fuel consumption ratio, are synonymous with economy and lower operating costs.

Another point in their favour is that, like all the other engines in the Iveco Irisbus range, the Cursor 8 and Cursor 10 are vertically mounted for ease of access to the powertrain assembly. For even greater environmental protection and reduced emissions, Cursor engines use the SCR system for after-treatment of exhaust gases. Finally, these engines can, as an option, be made to meet EEV levels.

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